Should I ship my household goods?

January 6, 2018 - Posted in Getting ready

One question that comes up often when retiring and relocating is, Should I pay to have everything shipped? Or should I just ditch it all and start over fresh?”

Of course, the answer will vary for each person. We’ll try to answer it for you as best as possible.

There is no place like home

After moving several times ourselves, we know how important it is to walk in your home, and feel that familiar touch. This is why many expats choose to relocate their life and belongings – and there are certain things that mean so much that money can never buy again. That piece of wooden furniture that your father built with his hands? The precious memories from your children or grandchildren? Shopping around for every dish and cookware? Many decide to skip the hassle and bring it with them instead of starting over. Of course, you want to be sure that your moving company is qualified to execute the move and take the stress off of you.

Shipping vs. Buying new

This of course, is all up to you. Both Mexico and Panama are relatively close and easy to ship to. Shipping is quite easy and the price can be reasonable, provided that you have a good moving company. Many people can put all their household goods and even their car in one 40 foot container. The container can be loaded right in front of your house in the States and brought to the front of your house in your destination.

For your car, it can be put in your container or shipped separately. For customs entry and processing your goods and car once they arrive, you must hire a customs broker who will get things out for you and arrange shipping to your home—the charge is reasonable. This is something that your moving company can help with.

If you would rather buy items new, this is an option as well. Prices in Panama particularly can tend to be pricy (for lower quality), but if you search high and low, you can usually find what you are looking for.

Need some help making the final call? Mexico Moving Company can help. Mention our blog post, and we’ll give you $100 off of your move.