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Are you ready for the time of your life? Does the idea of moving abroadexcite you, but also make you nervous inside? Are you ready to taste newfoods, live new experiences, and make new friends in your new home?Do you need help deciding how much to bring along? Are you looking for a team to handle your personal effects with care?

Mexico Moving Company can help. As a family company with over 20 years of experience, we can help make the move as soon as possible, and more enjoyable than the rest

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We’re not your huge moving company that will cut corners on service and leave you feeling confused. Personalized attention is what sets us apart making your move as easy as possible. We have lived in overseasourselves, so we understand what you want and need.

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    “We would love to speak with you regarding your upcoming relocation. Helping people like you makes us smile. Let us take the stress out of your move so that you can live the life the way it’s meant to be!”
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    Our clients come from all around the United Staets and Canada. We have worked with clients from several states and we continue to book more locations.

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    We have focused on helping people with door to door moves for more than ten years now. Over the years we have become experts at moving an entire household to Mexico from the US.

    We will be happy to walk you through the best way to arrange your move, including preparing and translating your Menaje de Casa, obtaining a broker, and even helping you get your FM3.

    We know your belongings are precious to you which is why we take great care to make sure everything arrives at your door safely and securely.

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    A good moving company is key. Many people can put all their household goods and even their car in one 40-foot container. As an alternative, a single-family home can usually fit most items in a 20 foot container. A family head must have begun his residency process before being allowed to import personal effects into the country.

    There are no import taxes on importation of your household goods. You are allowed to bring up to $10,000.00 worth of household goods tax free.

    For your car, it can be put in your container or shipped separately. Whether you are a Retiree or not, taxes will apply for your car.

    Mexico Moving Company can help arrange door to door shipping for your items. Fill out our contact us form for more information.

    Transit times will depend on where you are moving to. Most moves can be delivered to destination between 4-8 weeks after pickup.

    You are not allowed to import any type of plants, fruits or meats. Weapons including firearms and ammunition are not allowed as well as any narcotics (even prescribed) or alcohol, including wine. You also cannot import any new electronics.

    Yes! We will help insure your precious goods. As asupplement we always suggest a third-partyinsurer to provide additional protection. Contact us for more information.

    The Panamanian mail system is not reliable. There are two excellent companies dedicated receiving and sending your mail as well as bringing stuff you have ordered over the internet etc: Air Box Express and Mail Boxes Etc. Airbox Express delivers your mail and packages directly to your home. Mail Boxes receives them at the offices where you can go pick them up. They’ll give your own PO Box address in Miami where you can have things sent to and they’ll bring your mail from Miami to Panama for a starting fee of about $25 a month. These mail services are invaluable for life in Panama. For more info see Air Box Express.


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